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Aside 27 Feb

February 26, 2014

I used to have a poster that said that a gift should not be measured by the size of the gift, but by the spirit of the gift. Now, i have a better understanding what that means. A kind word. I thought of an example to illustrate the meaning. When my daughter was very young, about 4 years old, she brought me a piece of paper one day and said Here Daddy, i made this for you. And i looked at it, and it looked like a bunch of scribbling, some scribbled pictures, and then it looked like she took crayons and scribbled over the top of everything. And i said what is it? She said, What do you mean, what is it? It’s you and me, holding hands in the park ! And of course i told her it was beautiful, even thought it looked like a 4 year old drew it. And if i took that artwork to the museum, they wouldn’t give me a million dollars for it. No, they probably wouldn’t give me any money for it. But, what it represented was a little girl’s love for her father. Which is immeasurable. And so i had an idea what it means, that you can’t judge a gift by it’s size. But rather, by the spirit behind the gift. So if someone gives me a dollar, or even a penny, to me it represents much more than the monetary value. It means that people cared enough that they wanted to do a little more. Although at times, one of the greatest gifts we can give to one another is a kind word.

I was thinking also about the sabbath, and keeping or not keeping the sabbath. But mostly, i was just lamenting that i don’t have enough time to devote to God. Entirely. Life is so distracting. I don’t like it to take away from my spiritual time. So i thought about it quite a bit, and i told God i’m sorry that i get so distracted by the earthly world and it takes away my time from God. And to my surprise, God understands. God knows everything of course, and knows that life is distracting. And that is why, God set up one day a week for sabbath. So that at least one day a week, we take a day and we devote it to God, and thinking about God, and prayer. And at least we have one day a week. Otherwise, when would we have time? And i understand, it can be any day, it can be anytime. We are not bound to follow Old TEstament laws. But rather, God is very pleased when we devote any time we have to God. So i felt better, because i had been concerned with not devoting enough time. At least, that’s how i felt.

I had found more signs that my mouse friend was still in my truck . So, i modified my mouse trap a little, and enticed him into the trap. Where, the little critter walked right in. This morning, i found him in the trap, eating the prize. He thought he was trapped, but actually, what he found was freedom. So i took a video of him and let him loose where he ran back into the field. Where he belongs. I don’t mind him hanging out, but he is unsanitary, and i can’t really keep him in the truck.

I saw my friend whom i haven’t seen for about 6 years. And he said, You lost a lot of weight, what did you start doing, a bunch of speed? And i was like No, but i can’t really explain it to him. And i don’t like people to think that about me, but i realize, whenever i see anybody who has lost a lot of weight, i always think that about them too. I still have about the same diet. I feel great, i don’t get that hungry. I don’t know if i could row a kayak around for very many hours, but i don’t see why not.

I understand now, people cry when they are sad, and they sing when they are happy. I thought about praying, and i thought about praying about common everyday things. The song What a Friend We have in Jesus says we should take Everything to God in prayer. And i thought, what if i pray about catching that mouse? Is it even appropriate to pray for such a thing as that? But, the next morning, the mouse was in the trap.

Yesterday, i was thinking about something, and i wasn’t sure what to do. So, I said, God, what should i do? And God answered me and said Do the best you can do. 

The 7th Sense

24 Feb

February 24, 2014

I’m glad EArth Mother has all Her Special Angels to help Her out, here and there. I began to realize, She has quite a few. A lot. Some of the Angels cruise the highways and carry guns. Some operate the communications systems and telephones. And i realize, none are less than the others. Each one is important and supports the whole team. And some may not even know they are helping. Some people may only pray for someone, and they may not be aware that they were also helping to save someone. For example, someone may pray for their daughter or friend, and they may end up getting arrested and get into treatment or find help. Without even knowing. So it is very amazing, that’s for sure.

One thing i noticed about people, and i’m glad i got my job, so i can see this, is that the general public is very generous. I see people giving out money to homeless people on the sidewalk corners, they give money to charity, and they even give tips to they guys working at the gas station. I prefer dealing with the public in person, face to face, rather than the phone. I’ve been impressed – people seem to be very kind and generous, and this has restored a lot of my faith in people. When i just read the bad news and focus on the negativity, i lose perspective. And so i’m glad to be able to see things in person. I get a better picture. So now i feel i am very rich. I had unemployment income, i got my taxes back, i got a job, and now people even give me tips. I’m going to have to record my tips, because it’s starting to amount up, and i will need to report this income at the end of the year. For the first three days i made 15 dollars. Which is really a great help to me – i have enough money i can take as many showers as i want, and people even buy me coffee. Which I like coffee, very much. So, now that i’m rolling in the dough i will try to find a way i can donate some of my excess money for backpack lunches for kids or something.

God’s Gentle Rebuke

24 Feb

February 23, 2014

I was thinking about God, and Earth Mother. And i thought about God’s rebuke. It is so gentle, that at first, i don’t even know it’s a rebuke. But then, afterwards, i understand that it is. That’s happened a couple times to me. Then i was thinking, and God showed me, that God really loves me very, very much.
I thought about trying to describe what God’s rebuke is like. I thought, it’s about like when a kitten puts it’s paw on you, playfully and gently. But then i realized, God’s rebuke is 100 times less than that. It is so gentle that it can barely be felt. If at all. It’s more of an understanding, because it is so gentle.

Well today Earth Mother took a drug user off the street, apparently. A few months ago when i was working at the motel, i encountered a suspicious vehicle in my parking lot. When i confronted the driver, he was very belligerent and acted like a crack head. A few days later, he again showed up in the neighborhood at 2am, suspiciously again. So i called the police on him. The police were unable to locate him, but they were very interested to find him. The police officer came and asked me several questions if i could try to identify the driver of the suspicious vehicle. Well today i went to do laundry, and there was the suspect in the laundromat doing his laundry. I didn’t recognize him at first, but i did recognize the plate on his vehicle. And since i remembered the interest the police had in the guy before, i decided to call it in. Soon, a few police showed up at the laundromat and they spent some time talking with the two people from the suspect vehicle. Soon, it became apparent that the druggies were in the bathroom of the laundromat doing drugs. And when the police came and checked them out, they found drugs on those folks. Well, the girl was crying around, because the guy said it wasn’t his drugs. So the lady got arrested and she was crying and throwing a fit as they loaded her up in the car to take her to jail for felony drug possession. I heard the officer telling the guy. The guy was very belligerent, i don’t know how he avoided jail. But at least they got some drugs and some users off the street. I’m glad EArth Mother sent me over there. And She helped me remember that same guy from before. Late at night in the parking lot at the motel. Well i remember clearly. The suspect, he didn’t even remember me. I guess he shouldn’t bring that weak stuff around EArth Mother. She doesn’t like it at all.

God gently chastise me. I will give God thanks for rebuking me. And always, afterwards, God showers me greatly with Her Love.

I have been thinking lately that it is fairly easy for me to stop sinning. But, what i find out, is that it is not so easy to forget bad knowledge.
For example, i have become defiled, and have learned bad knowledge. Things i wish i never knew, and now i can’t forget. I wish i didn’t learn carnal knowledge. Because it’s not easy to forget.

Another thing i thought about is singing. Now singing isn’t a bodily function. For example. Singing is not just a sound , like coughing or something. But i believe singing comes from the soul. People usually sing about Love, or God. People usually sing when they are happy. And i realized, people don’t sing about everyday things too much. For example, you hardly ever hear about a group of scientists who say something like, Hey, that’s a great thesis you put forward Jim! Let’s all open our science hymnals to page 131 and sing about it. No, people tend to sing for joyous reasons. And i thought, in this manner, people are similar to birds. Because both people and birds like to sing praises to God. It’s an interesting concept to me. It is something we share in common with the little birds. And, another interesting concept i find, is that EArth Mother usually appears to me in the smallest of all the creatures – the little tiny tiniest birds. And there is God, with all Her magnificent Power and Glory. In the tiniest, and weakest of all the animals. It’s very amazing to me.

When i Grow Up i want to be a Prophet

23 Feb

February 22, 2014

No sign of my mouse friend. I think he jumped out. At least so far, i haven’t caught him in my special live trap. I think he jumped out somewhere.

Couple things i want to write about today. I really enjoy my work, but it distracts me from thinking about God. And i don’t like that. The other day i realized, i haven’t read my book of Solomon or Proverbs. And then it was like God rebuked me. But, i thought, no, i don’t think so, is it? Because Jesus rebuked satan. But then i realized, yes, i did understand correctly. Because Jesus rebukes those he Loves. And i have had this happen a couple times. At first, i feel kind of sad, but then i remember He rebukes those he Loves. And, God needs to rebuke me sometimes, because i want to have understanding, and i want to get it right. But anyway, since work is taking up so much of my thinking time, on certain days, i can no longer spend the same amount of time as i was before. For example God said to me, in essence, in clear language, that if i want to Hear from God, and if i pray and ask for God to give me Understanding, then i need to Listen for my Answers. And the best way for me to Listen is through Prayer and Scripture. I’m not going to get as good an answer by reading the news and watching videos. And so I can do both, but i have to prioritize my time. And i had these two questions: Which is more important to think about – things about God, or Earthly things? and then, Which should i spend more time thinking about – God or Earthly things?

So that made me realize i need to find my Answers more in prayer and scripture. I’m getting kind of tired of reading the same news stories all the time anyway. So that i will do. And i’m glad God rebuked me. Because, i need it sometimes. And then, i Know, God Loves me very much.

The second thing i wanted to write about is what i was thinking about what i consider “rich Christians”. I remember when i was younger, in my twenties i noticed that many Christian folks that i knew, or could see, were “rich”. At least, relative to me. Most of the people who went to the Christian churches were well off. They drove nice cars, they had nice homes and owned property. Most of the churches appeared to be congregated by pretty well to do folks. In my consideration. And i noticed that. The Jehovah witnesses who would come door to door seemed to be well off. And so, when i saw this, and all the Christians, many of them were doing well, financially, i used to think to myself that these people had found favor with God. Because apparently God and Jesus was pleased with these folks, He blessed them with worldy riches. Nice homes, etc. And so i thought to myself, these people must be living right, and doing what they are supposed to, because it’s easy to see that they have found favor with God. Unlike myself, who was always drunk and getting into trouble etc, and was financially insolvent, because of that.

And now, i believe that is true. And because, i believe it’s true, based on Scripture. Because in Scripture, God says “I will bless whom I will bless” and “I will show favor on whom I will show favor”. And i realize this is true. And not only that, but i realize that God chooses to bless people in different ways. Not only choosing whom, but how He blesses them. And i Understand why now, too. Because, these Christian folks, even if they were sorely deceived and were practicing bad doctrine, it was only because they had been deceived. So it makes perfect sense to me. Except now, when i think about it like that, it makes me question even more, how i got chosen, as i was. It makes me want to be good as i can for God.

Prayers and Supplications

21 Feb

The other night i woke up in the middle of the night. And had a thought, which i usually don’t do. And i had a sudden thought that there has been an increasing amount of Earth Changes, such as earthquakes, sun activity. And the frequency and magnitude have both been increasing. And i had a sudden thought, that many people may become concerned, and increasingly concerned at the changes that may be taking place. I thought, people with small children may be greatly worried and concerned. And i thought, how distressing to face big changes, for a young family. And how distressing it may be. So, i prayed to God for everyone who may be concerned. And asked God to note that some people may be worried. And i decided to pay attention to the increased Earth changes. And also, to continue to pray to God about this. Because, many people may be concerned. So far, i received this Prayer in my thoughts: Yea though i walk through the valley of death, i fear nothing. For i walk with God, and God is my constant companion. And i know, no matter what happens, everything will be OK. 

No More Mr Mean Guy

20 Feb

February 20, 2014

Wow. Just like that, vacation is over. I outlived my retirement savings, so i had to go back to work. But, it’s a fun job and i’m very glad to have a job. That is for sure. 30 hours a week or something like that. I remember when i went on vacation. It sure was fun.

Now, i have a new dilemma. Well it seems i have a traveling companion. My mouse friend, who i met, i think when i was in Mapleton, apparently is living in my truck. I found some shredded up paper, and then someone chewed my charger cord. So, i left out some cashews, and sure enough, someone is eating the crumbs. So, i first thought to let the door open, and maybe the mouse will voluntarily jump out. But he hasn’t. And, then he chewed my laptop charger cord. So then i decided, i’m going to have to relocate him. I don’t want to hurt him, so i bought a catch and release mousetrap. So i will set it tonight, and probably have him captured in the morning. I remember a few weeks ago , i was up on the 17 road and i thought i saw a mouse jump out of my truck. But, there may be one more.

I can tell, work is very distracting from thinking about God. But i still do, and i only have to work 7 hours per day, so i will make time every day. I can understand better about why some companies do testing of people. You could have some serious safety issues if people come to work impaired. So it’s important in some instances. But hopefully, most people are responsible enough not to come to work impaired. Like by taking a bunch of sominex the night before, or whatever.

Well, work’s over for the day so i am hoping to get all business finished then i can think about God and pray this evening. Work and business are very distracting.

The Kingdom, Power and Glory for Ever and Ever

20 Feb

February 19. 2014

I have to stop, and just take time to think about God, thank God, and give God Glory. Because, i was so happy that God made me feel better, and gave me more Understanding, and answered my Prayers yet again, that i didn’t even care that much about getting a job. God keeps giving me more and more blessings. And then i realized, that is the way it should be. I should be more happy and excited about God than EArthly things, like work and bills etc. So yesterday i left town early, just so i could think about God more. It’s very amazing. I also read some more information about spiritual warfare and such. And i read about a man named Mr Mueller, who was also very successful with his prayers to God. I can kind of relate. I see that he prayed not for selfish things, but he prayed for things for others. I try to do the same also. I don’t like to ask God for much. Although, i do. I can’t seem to help myself sometimes. But, i’m trying more to not ask for things. Instead, i pray, If God wants me to have something, or if God wants something to happen. No matter what God brings to me, then i will be happy and recognize that it came from God only. However, i noticed something. God knows my secrets, and God knows what i think. And God knows what i want, even when i don’t ask for it. LIke, i may think to myself, hmmm, i’d like to have this or that job, but only if God wants me to have it, then i will have it. Or anything i don’t ask for, and yet i get it, because i know God knows everything i want.

I was thinking about my vision of the end of this world. And i remember something EArth Mother told me specifically – With God, there is always a way out.
I find this very encouraging. I believe every one will have a way out. If only they will accept it. Then i thought about the end of this world, and the parable where the guy hires workers for his vineyard, and he pays every worker the same. They all receive 1 dollar for their work. Even though some of them started at 8am and some only worked from 4pm-5pm, they all received the same pay. Now, to the workers who started earlier, some of them complained. But Jesus said, His Gift to everyone is the same. The Gift of Everlasting Life. So no one received more or less than the others. And i thought about my vision of the end of this world. And i can imagine, God reveals Himself and EArth Mother and Jesus to all of us. And, because of that, everyone will immediately break into tears at the realization of how much God loves us. And then, all who are already saved are already saved. But , those folks who never got saved, and now they see God, now they are going to KNow God is real. And everyone is going to become a believer at the last SEcond. And then everyone will receive a Second Chance. Just as i did. And i think this is about the parable i mentioned. At least, this is how i kind of imagine it might be, and i hope that it will work out something like this. Because, i thought, when God revealed Herself to me, I certainly believed. And i received a Second Chance. So i feel when God reveals Herself to everyone else, they too will all believe and receive a Second Chance as well. Just my idea. I pray for everyone because i don’t want anyone to be lost or left behind.

Now, for the rest of us, to whom God has already been revealed, we have already received our Gift, and hopefully, we are all taking advantage and learning how to be good Christians for God. I believe so.

Well, in earthly news, i got hired onto my new job today. So that is absolutely amazing, and shows again, the Power and Glory of God. Because, i can only know that all things i receive are from God. When i walk in and apply for a job, and tell them i have no address, no phone, and i got fired off my last job, in this day and age, it is nothing short of a miracle to me to get hired. January 30th, God told me i could go to work if i wanted. Even though i was down to my last few dollars, and it seemed near impossible. But within 5 days there was an unemployment check with my name on it, and i also received food assistance. And 21 days later, i got hired at a new job. So, i have to say that i live my entire life in awe and amazement at the Wonders that God keeps showing me. I know. Because, my entire life has been like this. Many times i will be down to my last dollar, and amazingly, things always work out.
And so, i want to study the Bible more and learn about God more, so that i can increase my knowledge even more. It is not without some regret that i look back at my life, and wish i had started earlier. And had known earlier. So now i try to catch up the best i can. There is much to learn.

So i will continue my prayers as always. Waking with a prayer, walking all day with God, and thinking about God all day until i go to sleep again. As much as possible. The worldy things are very distracting, so i have to remember to stay as close to God as I can.Image