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Rainbow Season

31 Jan

January 31. 2014

Hooray , the rain is back! Yay. Except, now everything is getting muddy and dirty. And i even found my first snow of the winter. Well, maybe in a few days it will clear up. I did see the stars the last couple of nights. Oddly enough, it was raining, and yet, when i looked up at the sky, i could see some stars. Pretty brightly for a few moments. It’s kind of funny to be in pouring rain, and look up and see the Major Sheepgate. But it’s rainbow season. I saw two rainbows in two days.Image

I was feeling kind of wondering if i have been doing the right thing the past few days. For a few months, i have known that i can’t really live in this world, without becoming ‘dirty’. It’s kind of like living on a planet made of dirt. When you are living on the planet, you can’t help but get dirty. Living in a world full of sin is somewhat similar. It’s hard to stay clean when you feel you are surrounded by, and wallowing in filth.
Which, that reminds me of a story about Bre’er Rabbit and the tar baby. Getting into arguments with satan lovers and evil people is kind of like satan put a tar baby in the road. And instead of leaving it alone, like we should, sometimes we might get tangled up with the tar baby. And i think those are the worst kinds of mistakes to make- when we don’t follow our own advice we give others.

Yes, so i have known for some time that i can’t really live in this world very well. When you go in the dirt hole, you’re going to get dirty. Well, i don’t know what , but i think it’s difficult to live in this world and not become defiled by it. For example, i don’t feel i can watch tv, listen to music, listen to the radio, listen to people talk on the media, without beoming subject to satans dirt and filth. I don’t feel i can have money in the bank, because while i’m sleeping, they may take it out, use it to pay for abortions, then put it back in. Or use my money to fund israeli genocide of the palestinians, and all the other people israel and the usa kill for fun around the world. Then, of course, the insurance companies take my money, and my car is noisy and pollution, so i find it difficult to understand how i can live here without stepping in satans poop that he leaves all over the place that so many people in this world wallow in. So i decided a few months ago, i can’t really live here, without becoming defiled by this world somewhat. So i don’t plan on it. However, i do not belong to any church, I belong to Jesus. So i do what ever Jesus, and Heavenly Mother and Heavenly FAther want me to do. So i don’t care about what happens to me, as long as i stay True to God, and as close to God as i can. So i planned on not having bank accounts, not driving, by slowly extricating myself from all these things, and all the agreements i have entered into in this world. God is concerned with me fulfilling agreements i have made, and God helps me at times remember to do certain things, or not to do certain things, in order that i fulfill, or don’t default on agreements i have made. And God also helps me to complete them, so i can get out from under the agreements. And God also reminds me not to enter into any new agreements. Because, my word is very important.

Well, that’s all great. I am glad to have a pathway out of the corruption of this world, and i am very thankful for God’s help, in all things. God has blessed me so tremendously. I am glad to be informed of these things that God finds important, and to have help. Very much so. It’s all great and wonderful. As long as my Hearing works good, and as long as i am keeping my self true to God and close as i can. Now this is all great and wonderful as well. I remember back in June, God , our Earth Mother was with me every day , for weeks on end. It was very wonderful, i could always feel Her close to me. When i was not feeling happy, i could feel Her gently touvhing my rib. Later on, like in November, i think, i also felt someone else touvhing my rib. I think it was Jesus, or Heavenly Father. I could just tell it felt different than when Earth Mother touched me. The past couple months though, I know God is my constant companion. However, it’s not the same as June, when i could hear Her clearly, and sense her constantly. Now is different. I have to listen carefully. I have to pay close attention. I have to See God in different ways, and read Signs more now. It was a lot easier before to know that God is right beside me. So now, then, it becomes harder for me to sense God, and to know if i am doing the right thing. And if ever it gets quiet, i worry sometimes if i have done something wrong, and lost my connection completely. So i pray and maintain myself as close to God as i can.

So, i haven’t been planning on renting a house, getting a new job, putting lots of money in the bank, watching tv, all those sorts of things at all. In fact, i have been planning on the opposite, because i don’t want any of those things. I don’t want to touvh antything that will defile me from God. So, i have just been on vacation, spending my savings and waiting to hear what God wants me to do next. Well, then it gets a little quiet, and the savings start to get lower, and i started to wonder, am i doing the right thing? Because, well, i kind of feel like Jesus says in the Bible, if you want to be complete, get rid of everything thing you own, give it to the poor and follow Me. So that’s what i was planning on. But, i was thinking, if i just lay down, and don’t move, and don’t do anything to help myself, i would commit suicide just the same as if i climbed up a big mountain so i could jump off a cliff. So i was thinking, God, i hope i’m doing the right thing, because all my stuff is gone. All i have left is my truck, my tools and my laptop and camera left. And if i sell those things and get rid of everything, i don’t know how that would be helping me fulfill my purpose. Not only that, if i just lay down and die, that doesn’t give God any Glory at all. So i prayed, and i told God, well, i hope i’m hearing ok, because i’m just about out of things to sell, and then i’m not going to be much good for anything. And that’s fine by me, but i’m hoping to get some confirmation in case i’m not Hearing properly or something. Because i only want to do what God wants me to do. Thats all. I don’t mind at all. I will sell everything i own and get rid of everything so i can follow God and stay as close and as clean as i can. But, when i sell the truck, well, that’s also my shelter, and so my life expectancy is going to go down, and i hope i’m doing the right thing. So i didn’t hear God tell me to do anything different. So i started planning on which to sell first, the tools, the laptop, or the truck. Then i thought, man , it’s going to be rough, because i am not equipped to live out in the rain. And i’m going to get wet, and have to become a trespasser just to try and find a place to live. So, i thought my best option is to try and find a good place and fashion myself a teepee out of tarps. They are really dry. So i began to fashion a plan. And i prayed to God, to hopefully make sure i’m doing the right thing, because i wasn’t sure.

Then, on the morning of January 30, God spoke to me, in a fashion. God said to me, in essence, if i want to get a job, then a good job for me, the only job i feel i would even want to do, is the sheepherding job i saw on the employment division. So, God doesn’t want me to just lie down and die. God said if i want to, then i can get a job helping take care of some baby animals, just like i prayed for when i was little. And so i understood, i could get a sheepherding job, and then i won’t have to live in the city, or drive, or have car insurance, or a phone, bank account or anything that i don’t want. So i was very happy instantly and God said since i’m down to my last savings, that i could go to the Tribe and ask social services for assistance to get a sheepherding job. Well, i did, briefly, and a prerequisite to get help from social services is to show my status at the employment department. So i went to print that out, and i found out i have unemployment income available. So, then i realized, i don’t need help from social services. Other than their advice to check the employment division. That made me realize i can get my unemployment started, i can look for sheepherding work locally, and take care of my taxes and other business, then in a few weeks find a sheepherding job out of state, if i can’t find one locally. So i was prepared to become completely homeless and on foot and try to live in a teepee, if that’s what God wanted me to do. But at the last minute, God gave me a different plan. So, i’m very happy and i’m glad God is always taking care of me. I try not to ever worry. Because, God has been taking care of me for 53 years, and never let me down. And God will never stop taking care of me.

So now i have a new plan. Depending on everything working out, which it seems to be, so far. I would like to have a animal caretaking job, far from the city. Now that i have been camping for over a month, i can really notice the smell of cigarettes, and also i am more sensitive to car smoke. Which in certain places, there really is a lot of car smoke, and people breathe a lot of it.

I noticed, when i am camping out, and move from here to there, the Ravens always find me. No matter where i go, they come and fly over me daily. They seem to be keeping an eye on me. I can’t hide from them. I thought about how God knows each of us, in such great detail. God says that every hair on our heads is numbered, so that makes me realize that God knows us all, in very great detail. The Ravens, i usually see them either one, or two, and sometimes i will see maybe 5-7 all together. Some small birds, i notice, flock together as a social group. While other birds i notice, such as Blue Herons, i always see those birds by themselves. Very rarely have i ever seen two herons together.

And now, for the advice for the day – today i have two bits of advice. First, if you have an aluminum canopy, never hook a bungee cord onto the edge of the roof of the canopy. If you do, it may damage the seal on the roof, and cause the roof of the canopy to leak. And secondly, when you are going up a steep hill, and it’s a steep climb, and the traction isn’t very good – keep going. Don’t slow down, or you may lose your traction and your momentum and you might not be able to make it to the top of the hill. So when the going gets rough, don’t slow down, keep on going a little harder.


Reading the Signs

29 Jan


After traveling around on my vacation, i seem to notice that mankind, or people, seem to have greatly increased their ability to cause deforestation. Today i got up after camping in the mountains, and at sunrise, i took  a look around. Every ridge i could see, in every direction, had clearcuts on it. This is on the Native American “indian reservation”. Which seems terrible. Because the natives get a nice reservation, and they clearcut it, and kill most of the birds and wildlife off. It seems totally out of character of the so-called ‘native way of life.’ I saw pictures in the tribal government building, of Native tribal members in the early 1900’s cutting down huge old growth trees. Now there is no old growth timber left. Very very little. I wonder sometimes, how different it must have been, and what it must have been like, to have been living in the old growth forests, that used to cover the entire state of Oregon. But, it’s all gone now and so I will probably never know. But i guess, people have to get their money somehow ???

Well i believe i am doing what i’m supposed to be doing and i am where i am supposed to be. How do i know? Or, how can i tell? Well, i’ll tell you. I can’t really. Well, i can, sort of. I just know. By some sort of sign, or some thing, when i ask God, then i just Know. It’s kind of hard to describe. And if i did describe it, some might say, Well that doesn’t mean anything. But to me, it can. For example, sometimes when i’m camping out, i will really enjoy camping in a certain place, and may plan on staying a few days. But, then one morning, i may wake up, and for no apparent reason at all, i may feel it is time to move and find a new place to camp. I noticed this first one of the times when i was in Glide. I woke up, and when i did, i knew it was time to move that day. And so, without delay, i took down the tent, packed the truck and within an hour i was ready to go. Where, i did not know. But, first, i went about 4 miles down the hill to the store and picked up some items such as water and other essentials. The place where i had set my tent, i had seen other cars and visitors had been there recently. Well, i went to the store, and then made the 4 mile journey back to the top of the hill again, past my camp site, onto a new place. Which, by the way, was when i went and found Mace Mountain . Or rather, She took me to Mace Mt. On the way back up the hill from the store, i saw one of about only 3 cars i saw in about 5 days there. That car passed me, and they went to the lookout place i had been the night before. In fact, in less than an hour after i broke camp, that other car went there. And so, i felt i knew why i suddenly left. It was time, because other people were coming to visit the viewpoint. And so it worked out perfectly. Later, after they left, i went back and spent one more night there. But i found it very interesting on how i knew, or felt, just when it was the proper time to go. Similarly, i see things, or Signs, or just get the ‘impression’ of what i should do, or that i am on the correct path. Another example happened in Glide. The day i left Glide, it was freezing cold and froze a good two inches of solid ice on my hand washing bowl. I woke up, and i knew it was time to go. And i knew I was going back to Florence. I felt the need to go to Florence the same way i came, because She told me to. And then on the way from Glide to Roseburg, it was cold and frosty morning, and i drove the 20 miles into Roseburg. On the way, i noticed a big deer had been hit, and was laying on the side of the road. I got to Roseburg, and actually went down to Winston area, to look for my old home from when i was a baby. Then, in the afternoon, i took the road from Roseburg back to the highway that runs to the coast. The 38 cutoff, i think. And there, as soon as i got on that road, i saw another dead deer on the side of that road. Well, that may seem like a coincidence. And then, when i turned onto the final road that goes to Reedsport, well, there was the third dead deer on the side of the road i saw on that journey. So, to me, i knew it was a ‘sign’ and i can tell when i know certain things. Other times, i may see a bird, or 5 birds, or a formation of birds, or something, it could be anything. But, when i know, i will see the Sign, and i will feel an accompanying feeling that i know that i am ‘on track’. For what, i don’t know. But, it lets me know that i am doing or going where i should be going. 

I was thinking about my life. And i feel i have had a very wonderful life. By many aspects, it has been. I have never gone hungry, i have always had a dry place to sleep. Physically, i have had an easy life. Compared to many people i read about in the world. My mental health, or how would you describe, psychological health, has not always been the happiest, but physically i have always been well taken care of. That made me think that surviving hardships, or suffering through difficult times, as a follower of Jesus, are not things to be unwanted. But, rather, as Christians, we should hope , and pray for an opportunity to suffer for God. I do, because i think being given an opportunity to suffer for Jesus is a blessing. It seems backwards. But, Jesus never said, and I don’t believe God ever said that being a Christian amounts to a life of luxury and riches, here on EArth. Rather, suffering for God is like doing contract work. Where in, if we complete our task satisfactorily, we will be paid at the end of the contract. So, while we may be earning Rewards, we won’t see them here on this Earth. Because the Rewards we are striving for are not here on this Earth. We are seeking Heavenly Rewards. And so, as Christians, we should be thankful for any opportunity we can to suffer some amount of hardship for God, and Jesus. I believe this is so, not just to try and reap some Rewards in Heaven, later. But because, i believe, this is a way that we can show God how much we Love God. By being willing to suffer a little, and by showing God we are faithful, even through suffering. It is a way we can show God how much we really Love God. And so it may seem like my reasoning is backwards, but to me it makes perfect sense to me. 

You can’t hide, you’ll ionize

27 Jan

People who don’t like spies are hiding secrets. It’s very important for a nations’ security to have a good spying system, and i will tell you why. First, a nation needs to have good intelligence to protect themselves from foreign enemies . The better a spy agency, the best agency, there will be no secrets. And this is very important, not to just protect from foreign enemies, but even more importantly, from the most dangerous enemies – the domestic enemies within. By the same reasoning, a government that develops a strong spy agency, and a ‘regime changer’ system is going to be the most secure nation for it’s citizens. Why? Because the government will not be able to keep any secrets from them, and the government may be subject to it’s own ‘regime change’ if they turn against their own citizens.  So anybody who tells you spying is bad, you know they are hiding secrets. 


January 25, 2014

It’s not ‘junk dna’. It’s “junk scientists” and “junk doctors” and “junk knowledge”.

I realize that having 100 percent Faith in God means that you don’t worry about anything.

I wonder why so many volcanoes are bvecoming active. Is it due to planetary alignments, comets? Or possibly internal to the Earth itself?

I notice that Orion rises in the east nightly, and appears to my untrained eye, to follow almost the identical path that the Sun follows during the day.
Orion rises in nearly the exact same place and follows almost the exact same route in the sky. At least it looks like it to me. Tonight is another spectacular night sky. 49 F at 7 pm, slight slight wind off and on . I see the moon comes up later each night, and it is very bright.

Also, Sirius the star seems to rise and follow the same path as the Sun.

I understand now, that it’s not up to me to sort out who to pray for, and who not to pray for. I need to pray for everyone. In Revelations, we see that it is God who sorts out the goats from the sheep. One on His left hand, and the others on His right hand. So, i need to pray for everybody, and God will sort them out.

January 26, 2014

Day 30 complete, just about. What a fun vacation i have had. I have completed a few circles, and now a few more are being completed. And even more circles being completed soon, also. Tonight was another great night to see the stars and i watched them for a few hours. It got cloudy now, but i hope to see them again soon.

Ain’t too proud to not to beg.

I was talking to a guy the other day. And he said, well, irregardless of what i think of the catholic church, well, they did do some good. Like, one time, they gave a homeless guy a sandwich. But of course, if you go to church and get a free sandwich, you have to listen to their sales pitch. And i thought, well, the church did do something good. If they gave a homeless guy a sandwich. But, then i thought, what good is it to give the guy a sandwich if they teach him some bad doctrine and cost him his soul? A sandwich for his soul. So i guess the moral is, don’t take the ‘free food’.

Dear God Thank you for this day and all the blessings i have been given. Which are too many for me to begin to list. I have been very very blessed. I pray that You will open my ears so that i may hear You, And open my eyes so that i may see You. So that i may receive the Understanding You keep blessing me with. And i pray that when i receive Your Understanding i will be the best that i can be and carry out Your Will, here on Earth. Whatever it is. Because, that is what i live for, to carry out Your Will, God. Thank you very much for everything!
Love, Scotty Amen

Sometimes i’m not sure if i’m doing what i’m supposed to be, or if i’m where i’m supposed to be, doing what i should be doing. Sometimes i’m not sure how i am fulfilling my mission because i don’t always understand everything that is going on. So i put my full trust in God, and pray for guidance and Understanding. And i have been very very blessed, because God always answers my prayers.

Cloaking Device

24 Jan

January 22, 2014

Talk is cheap. Big talk is even cheaper.

A Rider Approaching on a Pale Horse

I used to have hope. I’ve always been an eternal optimist. Everytime i would think, Oh, the next job, that’s going to finally be the job that works out. Or, the next relationship, oh yes, it’s probably going to be the one that works out. But now, i don’t have hope anymore. Not for this world. It’s never going to work out. I can see that now. Nope. Nothing is ever going to work out for me here. But, i’m still an eternal optimist. I just have my sights set on a better place. There’s nothing good here on Earth anymore. No, it’s time, and i’m ready to move to higher ground. I can see Death is approaching. And while i may not run directly to Death, i probably won’t run away from Death, either. When will i die? I will die when it is God’s Will. And not before, or afterwards. Now, my attitude is different. Now, the only real concern i have is to try and keep myself as holy as i can to God , and try to stay in good Graces with God and keep myself humble and continue to love God with all my heart and soul. I thought to myself, How can i be worthy of the Miracles and Blessings i have received? Well, i can’t. There’s just no way. I have sinned, and fallen short, and i have done wicked things and blasphemed and i have become corrupted with bad knowledge and i am incapable of being worthy of all that i have received. So , i try my best to bve. Even though i know i never can.

Every night the stars are out, i can’t help but just sit and watch the sky for hours. It’s fascinating to me now. I want to have time to read , but i will stay out and watch the stars until i get so cold i have to move in, or else i have to sleep. My sleep schedule has changed too. I sometimes stay up late, past 11 pm, or til midnight. But most nights, i do fine until ten pm, then i get so tired i have to go to bed and sleep. Then i sleep very well, every night until 7am. I usually wake up every few hours, it i am cold, but in warmer weather, i sleep very soundly. I feel like i should be reading my Bible, which i try to find time for. But, when the stars are out, i just feel like i don’t want to waste good time to watch the stars by watching the computer instead. I don’t know why it’s so fascinating to me, to watch the stars now. It’s just so different than, say, watching the clouds. It’s not the same at all, to me. I wish i would have known a lot of things earlier. I wish i had better teachings, so that i could have had a chance to live a Holy life. I think i would have done a lot better than i did. But, i didn’t. So now, i just try to do the best i can now, with the little time i have left. So now i love and trust God entirely.

I thought about Trusting God, and it’s like that game we used to play, where you don’t look behind you, but you let yourself fall backwards, just trusting that whoever is behind you is going to catch you, and not let you fall and hurt yourself. Trusting God is similar. We trust God even through Death. We know God will catch us. And though i have sinned, and fallen short, and i have let myself down and i have let God down, i Know, God will never let us down.

No, God sends us the Holy Spirit, and He sends us Jesus, and He showers us with Blessings and Miracles. I don’t know if i will ever feel worthy to live in Heaven with Jesus, and Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. But i sure am hoping to be. And i’m sure going to try my best. So i devote my life to God.

January 23, 2014

Yes, i believe the pale horse and rider are here. Tonight, it is another wonderful night to see the stars. It’s been windy all day, so i got too cold and had to move inside. I made my robe into a cloaking device. I take the part that goes over the shoulder and instead, make it go over the top of my head, like a big hood on a cloak. It works great to block out some wind so i can watch the stars a little longer, But even at 48 degrees at 8 pm, i had to come inside. Today, i thought about how i don’t feel qualified to go to Heaven, because i have sinned so much and fallen short. But, i know it is possible, because it is God’s Promise to us. And also, i know, because Earth Mother said, when i go to Heaven, there’s going to be a Big Party, just you wait and see! So i am doing the waiting part now. And i hope to do the seeing part soon. I trust God completely, so i know it’s True. And it makes me realize that without Jesus, i would be doomed completely. So it makes me appreciate Jesus more, and Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother more, and reminds me to humble myself and give God thanks Everyday , for forgiving my sins. I’m sure going to be as good as i can. And now, i decided to pray for World Leaders, rich people, and poor people and slaves. And everyone in between. Because i care about all my brothers and I care about God, and i don’t want God to lose even one of his Children. So i pray for everybody. It is the most wonderful Gift ever, and i don’t want anyone to miss out.

I don’t want to forget to invite anyone. Because, if it were someone else, instead of me, i wouldn’t want them to forget to invite me.

Today i thought about the capitalist economy, and i realized it would be very easy to make a capitalist economy that isn’t subject to greed. Simply by designing the tax tables. For example, everyone would earn the same amount of money, say, for example, 100,000 per year. And everyone would pay the same amount of tax. Well, then lets say that beginning at 100,000 dollars per year, the tax rate starts going up, until, lets say at 250,000, the tax rate is 100 percent. So, if anyone were to earn more than 250,000 per year, anything above that would be 100 percent taxed. So there would be no incentive to earn more and more money. It would all go into taxes. Unless, you gave it all to charity.

And then, people could save up to the amount they earned. But if they somehow doubled their money, then half of it would be taxed. Because, they have accumulated more than they earned.

Well, so much for trying to fix the economy LoL. The lead balloon economy fix. I have been thinking about God everyday, and praying. And i have been thinking of so many things that happened. Like, i was thinking today, how fun my summer was last year, When i went kayaking every day, and it was so warm. And i used to try and sneak up on that beaver. Going in the rivers and bays. Very fun summer. It was a very fun year.

It’s still very fun and still a very interesting year.

The Unbroken Circle

22 Jan

Tuesday January 21, 2014

The Audacity of a Mouse

Every day is a new day and a new wonder for me. I think about God every day. Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother and my Savior, Jesus. Sometimes i feel the Presence of Heavenly Mother so much that i can’t keep my composure. LIke Monday. I had to go read my bible a little bit. I feel like i was a one in a billion, and if i think about it too much, it makes me break down and cry. I tell myself, how can i ever be sad about anything in my life after that.
Today was another beautiful day. Frosty morning sunrise, then later in the afternoon the clouds came. Tonight, the stars were very clear earlier. Now they fade in and out, as the clouds make them visible or invisible for a time. Barely any wind and 45 F no rain. I sure like watching the stars and so i’ve been very blessed to have so many clear nights on my vacation. I have been very blessed in so many ways i can’t possibly give God enough Thanks, it feels like.
Today i saw the Ravens again and heard them throughout the day. I saw them several times. Two of them together. I like seeing them. This morning i also saw another red hawk. I see them periodically, when i am out walking and sometimes get close to them then they fly off. Tonight i think i heard another owl, pretty far off and not sure who he was. I’m glad there are still some owls and Ravens left. I see so much logging and clear cutting, i just think about how many bird nests and displaced birds and animals there are, and how it must be devastating and kill a lot of animals and take away their homes.

When i went to Reedsport i saw where a lot of the logs are going – into big ships overseas. I saw huge piles of logs getting ready to ship them out. Say goodbye to all the trees. They cut them down and ship them overseas. That’s because people don’t care about animals. They only care about money. That’s like Terry Libby was telling me that he never knew why our family suddenly just left. I told him how we moved one day suddenly from the dairy. Terry said his dad wanted to buy the dairy from Art, my dad. It’ was 316 acres. But Terry said Art wouldn’t sell it to them. They would have had an even huger ranch. Instead, Art sold the farm to a different guy for 25,000 dollars. That guy turned around and sold it to Louisiana Pacific for 26,000 dollars. Terry said LP took 5.5 million dollars off that property in timber. They clearcut it. Terry said that he used to come over to our dairy once in awhile to see if i could play with him, as we were the only neighbor kids around close. But Terry said we never played because they always said I was working milking cows or doing something. Always working. I don’t remember the other kids that much when i was that age. I was always either working, and when i rode the bus, i always read books both ways. Plus i went to so many schools while growing up i don’t remember that many kids.

When i stayed up at the rock pit Sunday night, i ate my dinner and i left a few Ritz crackers in the package, wrapped up on the coffee table. A while later after dark, i heard something rustling around, while i was standing by the fire. I was like, what’s that sound? there’s something moving around right by my tent. I shone my flashlight there, and there was a little field mouse rustling around the Ritz cracker package. He was very bold, because he climbed right onto the coffee table about 3 feet away from me in the dark and was making off with the crackers. He jumped up and scampered off when the light hit him. I think mice really like those kind of crackers. Well, since he was so bold and so audacious, i said he can have all the leftover crackers in that package. So i put them out in the grass, like some great giant pizza pies for him. He came back one by one and took those crackers somewhere. I was trying to film him, and if i would have had my camera at Orion, instead, i would have had a video of a shooting star at 8 07 pm. Today i decided since i’ve been hauling around that 5 pound sack of potatoes that i am going to start eating a potato every day. So i tried that out, and it worked a lot easier than i thought. Couple tablespoons of canola oil, grate the potato right into the skillet, scorch it for 5 minutes on each side, and i had really good hashbrowns. So, i also tried out making popcorn in the skillet, and that worked really easy as well. So i have new menu items now. I thought, i could just eat a potato raw, but i just think they taste better if you cook them. But otherwise, i don’t see why you couldn’t just eat them like an apple.

Yesterday i listened to a Martin Luther King Jr sermon. I sure like listening to his sermons. He’s a good teacher, and he has a unique outlook on certain things and interesting ways of expressing his thoughts. I feel lucky to be able to at least hear a few of his sermons, although i feel there must have been many, many more i’ll never be able to hear.

The Roman Nose, the high place at the rock pit, when i left that place i followed a log truck down off the mountain. When ever there are log trucks, i like to follow one, because the last thing you want to do is come around a corner too fast and meet a log truck head on. Also, since i didn’t know the way out, it was good to follow him, because i knew he would be going to the highway. So, another way to get to the Roman Nose place is about 13 miles east of Mapleton on Hwy 126 is a bridge that crosses the Siuslaw River, and just past the bridge is Siuslaw Road that goes off to the south. Take Siuslaw Road about a few blocks until you come to an intersection. Take the first right at the intersection, and you will cross a narrow single lane bridge. Go across the bridge and go a couple miles , past the park, until you see another road going off to the left, up a hill. The sign on that road says something like Durn Ridge . So, take the Ridge road going up to the left, and it will take you straight to the top. From there, you can go all the way back to Sweet Creek if you wanted to. The high point is 11 miles from Hwy 126. And, it is 25 miles from there, going the other direction to the intersection of Sweet Creek and FS24, so a total of about 36 miles from Mapleton. From the high point, take that gravel road all the way back to the North Fork Smith River Road, which is paved, then go left to the intersection with Sweet Creek, and take a right on Sweet Creek all the way back to Mapleton. Or, take a left on FS24 and that will take you out to Canary Road, and to Honeyman State Park. It’s a little confusing up there though, you can drive to Reedsport, Florence, or Mapleton, or out 126, so be careful you don’t get lost, and make sure you have a full tank of gas before going.

Also, i noticed, a good thing to do, if you pull into a turn out, or someplace where people like to park or camp. Before you drive into a turnout , it’s good idea to stop and walk around and look at the ground in the turnout. Because a lot of people burn pallets, and leave broken glass around, so it’s good to check before driving into a place where you suddenly notice a bunch of nails in the road. Just be careful, because people leave trash all over the place. There is trash and garbage and shot up garbage and bullets just about everywhere i go. It looks like people like to get drunk and shoot all their empty cans and bottles with their guns, and then just leave all the trash lying around. It’s everywhere, almost. Statewide.

I’m always trying to do what i’m supposed to be doing, and so i ask periodically, if I am doing what i am supposed to. And God told me, Earth Mother said I am doing what i’m supposed to. I am listening to God, and doing what God wants me to do. So i keep trying to do my best, and i know God is with me every day. I am hoping to spend more time reading soon and trying to stay as close to God as i can. I continue to humble myself every day in prayer to God, and i pray for all the people i talked about before. I’m very blessed that God has chosen me, and so i want to do whatever i can to help share the blessings with everyone that i can.Image



20 Jan

I Can See Right Through You

20 Jan

January 20 2014

Candlelight Dinner at 2900 feet

What a fun vacation weekend. Friday i went back to where i found the little bird’s nest. That’s also the same place people were shooting at my camp. So, i decided to go look for the nest, and then find a more secure spot for camping. I did find the little nest and after closer examination, i see it’s not made out of straw, but actually out of wood mostly. It’s made almost entirely of very tiny tree branches, as small as pieces of grass. They are wrapped and intertwined around and around. In the picture, you can see it is beginning to fall apart. But then also, around the top of the nest, there are a few small blackberry branches, with thorns on, placed around the nest like a little crown almost. I imagine to help keep predators away. I was glad to find it and take a picture. I had intended to before but somehow it got forgotten. So then i went farther up the hill from there and found the steepest, dirtiest, ruggedest road i could barely get up there in my truck. I figured if any gun nuts come out there and start blazing away randomly like complete brain dead idiots, then it’s going to be a lot harder to get where i am. I got to the top, and sadly, it was a powerline road. It goes to the top of where the big power lines go through. I don’t like to go to those areas, but since it was almost dark and i was unsure if i could make it back down that cat road, so i spent the night. And, as i had suspected, about 10pm i was so tired i had to sleep. So i went to bed. But, as i was going to sleep, i heard a vehicle of some sort trying to come up the steep dirt trail. And they couldn’t make it. About halfway up is a big ditch, and i heard them get stuck in there. Then later i heard them drive down the hill and leave. So no one came and shot up my campsite that night. Nice view! I got some nice sunset pictures, and the next morning, first thing, i got some really nice sunrise pictures. I also heard an owl in the night i tried to record. Also, a bat came flying around me right at dusk. And he kept flying close to me, and one time i actually felt him barely barely touch me he flew so close. I don’t like that. He might bite me. But it was a really nice night and after so many nights of frost and wind, it was remarkably warm and completely wind free with a temperature of 43 F at 7:30am . I got up, took some pics, made some coffee and was watching some iSon videos i downloaded. At 7:30 is a very nice time of the morning, so peaceful and then the shooting started. Somewhere off in the distance i could hear some big guns shooting. And i was like Huh? I feel like this is a war zone area. When i was here on Dec 28, i think it must have been elk season, because i could hear guns shooting all throughout 24 road morning noon and night. Then, also it was new years, and there was also a lot of shooting and people shooting at me etc. So everytime i come to this place i hear a lot of guns. Even the day i walked to the dairy, and walked the property, i noticed empty cartridge boxes all along the gravel road, like people are shooting at animals in the fields, from the road. Which is highly illegal, and dangerous. Guns and bullets everywhere. It’s pretty ridiculous.

So, here it is, three weeks later on my vacation and at 7am they start shooting for a few hours. Well, i was trying to get warmed up then i started watching a few videos i downloaded. This was Saturday morning. Well, about an hour later, i heard another vehicle coming up the dirt road i was on. Hmm, who could it be. And they weren’t getting stuck, they came right up. I couldn’t see them, but i could hear them. So i thought, hmm, i’ve got company, so let’s go see who it is. So i get out of the truck, and here comes a small quad with two people. The guy looks at my truck and chair and stuff and he said Oh you’re camping huh? I said yeah, i used to live near here, in fact, i think you can see the property from here. And he said Well his name is Terry Libby, and he owns the property right next to where the FS 24 road goes through. I said, Terry Libby, you probably remember my folks, Art and Ruth. Because the Libby’s were our closest neighbor on the north end of the property, and Jackie Gardner was our neighbor on the south end. And oh yeah, i remember hearing about Ronnie Libby, lost his arm haying, i think. And i think one of their brothers was killed in a logging accident. But it was neat, because Terry remembered me. Him being 3 years older than me. So we talked about the old days, going to grade school, who the kids were we went to school with etc. It was really neat. Terry came up there armed with a small caliber rifle, so after we were talking i asked him if that was him that was doing all that shooting i heard earlier. He said no, that was people shooting ducks. He saw my camera and asked me what i had it set up for, up on the roof of my canopy. I told him i had pictures of birds and stuff. And he said he does too. It was fun to visit. He said Jackie Gardner used to play professional baseball. I never knew that. But anyway, i told Terry i was camping up on top because of the shooting incident i had when i camped down below. He said, Oh yeah, he knows all about that. Because the forest service property is right next to his farm. And people go up there and start shooting in the woods, and the bullets can fly directly onto his property. So he called the FS and he said they came out and did some GPS mapping and stuff like that, and at the conclusion of their investigation, the forest service worker told Terry to put up a sign that says not to shoot in this direction. ? Terry said C’mon man, the sign is a target. So the FS was no help at all. They could close off that road where everyone shoots by Terry’s house, but they won’t. I told him about the vehicle that was trying to follow me up the hill, and the shotgun incident at Cape Mtn. Well Terry he said he’s fallen timber all over the state, and hunted all over the state, having lived here his entire life. And so he said a good place for me to go was a place called Roman Nose. He told me directions how to get there. He said it’s a good place, out of town, 2900 feet elevation. Lots of high place lookouts and places to walk. He said they have gates up, but you can walk in and look around. So, when i heard about that i decided that’s where i was going to go. The directions are really easy. From Mapleton take Sweet Creek Road all the way to the end. There it T’s into North Fork Smith River. A beautiful river. Take a left on N Fork Smith River and follow the signs to Kentucky Falls Trail Head. Except, when you get near the top, the pavement goes to the left, but you want to take the gravel road that goes to the right. I missed one turn, but found the way pretty easy. The gravel road has a sign that says 21 miles to Mapleton, 15 miles to Hwy 126. So i took that road and sure enough found the place. It’s very spectacular view of the Cascades to the ocean. I can’t see the ocean, but Terry has. Very very nice. And two more nights of clear sky view, no wind and very warm. Saturday night it was 49 degrees at 11pm. I thought i might find snow at this elevation. But i haven’t seen any snow since i only saw a little remnant in Glide. So my camping trip has two weeks of sun and clear skies and only 7 days of clouds and rain. There are ravens up here, as well. I hear them every morning about 8-9am. They seem to like the high places as well as me.

It seems to me that i used to see more flying objects and shooting stars when i was in LC. Since then, i have watched the stars, but i haven’t seen as many things. Saturday night i saw one shooting star, and Sunday night, i saw two. One at 8:07pm and 9:40pm. All the fireballs i have seen have been traveling from the East towards the west, maybe a little south westerly. I always set my chair or tent to face the east, then have Orion on my right and the Sheepgate on my left. And when i see shooting stars, they always seem to go from the East through Orion. I saw one in Roseburg that went right through his belt. But i laughed because, they can’t get him ! LoL

One thing i always do is i call Earth Mother, my Mother. Which She is. But i want to start calling Her more properly, Our Mother. I was wondering, because i know how cold it gets at night when it frosts, how cold would it get if there were no sun for three days? It might get really really cold. I don’t know.

Saturday on the way over to Roman Nose i had to drive through a tree that had fallen across the road. It was a cedar tree, so i got some branches and brought them with me. Sunday night i built my first fire i had on my vacation. A nice cedar fire. Very nice night. Warm and no wind until midnight, then the wind started blowing a little again, and it started getting cloudy. But, i had a fire and i thought, hmmm i have all 4 Elements Earth Wind Water and Fire. What would i wish for? And immediately i knew i would wish for God’s Will on Earth.