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12 Feb

February 12, 2016

This word is frequently written Kabbala, which see. CABALA. The mystical philosophy or theosophy of the Jews is called the Cabala. The word is derived from the Hebrew Kabal, signifying to receive, because it is the doctrine received from the elders. It has sometimes been used in an enlarged sense, as comprehending all the explanations, maxims, and ceremonies which have been traditionally handed down to the Jews; but in that more limited acceptation, in which it is intimately connected with the symbolic science of Freemasonry, the Cabala may be defined to be a system of philosophy which embraces certain mystical interpretations of Scripture, and metaphysical and spiritual beings. In these interpretations and speculations, according to the Jewish doctors, were enveloped the most profound truths of religion, which, to be comprehended by finite beings, are obliged to be revealed through the medium of symbols and allegories.

Buxtorf (Lexicon of the Talmud) defines the Cabala to be a secret science, which treats in a mystical and enigmatical manner of things divine, angelical, theological, celestial, and metaphysical; the subjects being enveloped in striking symbols and secret modes of teaching. Much use is made of it in the advanced degrees, and entire Rites have been constructed on its principles. Hence it demands a place in any general work on Freemasonry.

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12 Feb

February 11,2016

The other day i mentioned that people who eat flesh, it doesn’t really matter what else they do. They will not be allowed into Heaven. They will be condemned to hell. Period. Now i know why. Because, as i said, people who eat flesh are not only  disobedient, but they make themselves abominations to God. And God tells us all the abominable are going into the Lake of Fire, never to get out. Ever. No matter what kind of abomination you become, all the abominable are going to the second death. And they will be harmed by the second death.

Revelation Chapter 21

7 He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God,
and he shall be my son.
8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and
murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all
liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and
brimstone: which is the second death.

Revelation Chapter 2

11 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the
churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.

This is very important. God told us this and gave us all we need to know to avoid the second death. As Heavenly Mother told us in Proverbs, those that hate Heavenly Mother love Death. This is what She means. Previously we learned that there is a time and place for everything. As such, there is a time for sinning, and there is a time to stop sinning. God will let us get away with a lot of stuff, if we repent of our sins and stop sinning. But as i said, it’s kind of like God showed up and caught us all guilty, all guilty of sin. So God said, Surrender, come out with your hands up! And those who surrender and come out with their hands up will be forgiven. And those who don’t surrender and don’t stop sinning, they will be destroyed. By the second death, in the Lake of Fire. For ever and ever. And ever. Ouch.

We would all go there, but thankfully God has shown us the Way out! As Heavenly Mother told me, with God, there is always a way out! We are very fortunate to have been shown the way out. Because the worst thing that you can do is be given a chance to go to Heaven, and save yourself from eternal torment, and turn it down.  How many chances do you think you might get? You’re going to regret it forever, because you’re going to burn forever. But we all know better now, so we won’t be making any foolish mistakes such as that, and ending up in the Lake of Fire.

As i said, this is very important. Everyone’s future is at stake, and the stakes are as high as they can get. Eternal Life, or Eternal Suffering and Death. This is so important that some people will put their own lives at risk in order to tell other folks about God, and Heaven, and how to be saved. Some people will even put their lives on the line to tell people who hate them! for telling them about it! Because everyone has the right to know how to be saved and go to Heaven. Even the people who don’t believe. And so that’s why we tell everyone that we can. We want everyone to go to HEaven. WE don’t want anyone to go to the Lake of Fire.

One thing i realized is that there are lots of animals in Heaven, and that’s why people who kill animals and eat them are not allowed into Heaven. There are also a lot of riches in Heaven, and that’s also why people who are greedy and covet riches are not allowed into HEaven either. Can you imagine a real greedy person in Heaven trying to steal all God’s riches? No, there are no evil and greedy people who love money in Heaven. Only people who love God and animals go to Heaven.

Now before i discovered a lot of information about the Freemasons and Masons and the  Masonry organization. So i thought about all the things i discovered and i decided to try and make a list of just who are the Freemasons.

1. First thing the Masons are liars. The first thing they do is they take an oath to lie to cover up for their brethrens crimes. They swear not to tell the Truth. These people will lie to everyone, the police, the courts, the judge. Do you think they are going to tell their wife the truth? Do you think they are going to tell anyone the truth? Now if a man is only as good as his word, then a liar is no good at all, because his word is no good.  Then the Masons are no good at all, because they are all liars.

2. Because of Number 1, the Masons are sworn liars, they make themselves criminals. They swear to lie and cover up crimes commited by their brethrens. So if their brother kills someone, and they lie to cover it up,  the Masons all make themselves guilty of murder. Whatever crimes they lie to cover up they are also guilty of commiting, by aiding and abetting, and obstruction of justice as well.  Now what about law enforcement personnel who take an oath of office to uphold the laws, and then join the Masons and swear to lie and cover up their brothers crimes? Are these people upholding the law, or breaking it? Are they upholding the laws and peace and safety, or are they running their own private crime syndicate? They uphold the laws they want and prosecute whom they want, and lie to cover up crimes, and allow their buddies to commit crimes and get away with it! That’s why they do these things in secret. Because the law enforcement personnel doesn’t want to tell everyone that his oath to the Masons makes his oath of office null and void, and none effect, and that he will only be upholding the laws he chooses, when he wants to, against who he chooses. It might be hard to get reelected if everyone found out the Truth about that.  That’s why many people join the Masons. Because if you are a criminal, or child molester, the Masons will all lie and cover up your crimes! Freemasonry is a big hangout for criminals of every kind.

Now if lying to the court is a crime, how much of a crime do you think it is to lie to God, the Heavenly Judge?

With the Masons so involved in law enforcement, such as at Lincoln County, Oregon it makes you wonder why there aren’t a lot more unsolved murders around. Because where you have a high percentage of Freemason devil worshipers, especially involved in law enforcement, you are going to also have a high percentage of unsolved crimes. Such as along the coast in Lincoln County. They already got one serial murderer from Newport. He was a construction worker in the nineties, used to drink at Maxwells and around town. They arrested him in Canada. So there are probably more unsolved murders that are related to Freemasons in that area. Especially when one teen victim was last seen getting into a deputies car, and later she was found murdered! Obviously you can’t trust anybody who is a Freemason, and people shouldn’t put their public trust in people who take secret oaths and swear to lie to cover up crimes, either. Lying is a crime, and people who are sworn liars should not hold positions of public trust.  They are dirty.

3. Along with being liars and criminals, the Masons are also haters. They hate Christians, for one thing. If you tell them about Jesus, they will hate you and try to silence you and even shoot guns at you and try to kill you. You don’t have to even be a Christian, because the Masons hate anybody who tells the Truth. But they especially hate Christians, with a passion. The Masons take an oath to kill their own brothers from the Lodge, if they squeal! So if they will kill their own friends, they will not hesitate to kill some stranger who might interfere with their private little crime syndicate.  No, they would not hesitate to kill to cover up their crimes and then lie about it to protect themselves and each other. The Masons will not allow you to pray in Jesus’ Name in their Lodge. They don’t love Jesus, they hate Jesus. Jesus is also a Truth Teller, so we know the Freemasons hate everyone who tells the Truth and uncovers their dirty secrets. That’s probably what they hate the worst, someone who tells the Truth.

4. The Masons are all criminals, and all those of the ninth rank and above are also sworn murderers. They take an oath to kill. So all those Masons are sworn murderers. How does that make you feel knowing that they allow those Freemasons to carry guns and drive around in cop cars and arrest people and charge them with crimes and stuff?

5. The Masons are all cowards. They will not stand up to you like a man. They will go around, whispering behind your back like a bunch of sissy school girls. They won’t confront you, man to man. They won’t confront anyone unless the odds are at least 5 to one, but most of them are not even brave enough to confront you if they odds are a thousand to one against you. No, the Masons are a bunch of sissies and cowards, and they are more likely to shoot you in the back than to confront you like a man. Because as i said, they aren’t men. They are cowards and pussies who only feel brave by being in a gang.

6. No, they’re not men, they are homosexuals, an abomination to God, on top of everything else. This is also probably why they all act like such cowards and pussies. This we know from their own founder, Albert Pike, and we can also tell this is True because of all the gays in the Masons and all the homosexual activity that goes on in secret. This too we learned about them, their gay sex and gay orgies.

I could go on and on, the list could include the Masons are selfish, greedy, evil, mean, and so on and so on. Now we can begin to see why they keep everything secret. The Freemasons have a lot of dirty things they want to keep secret. They have covered up a lot of crimes over the years and murdered innocent people over the years, and who knows what all they have been doing. No one knows, because  they are all liars, and they never tell the Truth. And so i guess that would be No. 7. The Masons are all full of $&!%.

Fortunately, there is a way out, even for the Masons. Jesus is the only Way to Heaven. So the Freemasons do have a way out of Freemasonry. You don’t want to hang out with those losers anyway. Else you’re going to end up in the Lake of Fire, with all of them, screaming in pain forever, like  a bunch of idiots.  You know better. You’re a lot smarter than to end up in hell like that for Eternity with those dumb $%$$%$@#’s.


The Last Chance

9 Feb

February 08, 2016

Today i want to encourage everyone who has not already done so to consider stop eating meat and start keeping all God’s commandments.  All of them. This is so that you will live, in Heaven, for ever. It’s the only way you can live. It’s the only way you can go to Heaven. This is very important, and so i am strongly encouraging everyone to obey God’s commandments so they can live. Now some people considered God’s Laws, and they decided not to keep God’s Law.  And so i strongly encourage these people to reconsider their decision. Think carefully, because we are talking about eternal torment, suffering that lasts forever. This is not like some hardship  or pain you might endure on Earth. Hardship on EArth is like an enjoyable picnic, compared to burning in Hell, for ever.  For example, you might take someone and strap them to a board and torture them so much that they die in three days. But when you die and go to hell, they may strap you to a board and torture you for ever. And you will never die. You will just  be tortured for ever and ever. Punishment is much more severe in hell than anything on Earth.  And so, if you reconsider, and you still decide that you are not going to keep God’s laws, then i strongly urge you to reconsider, yet again. Because as i said, we are talking about Eternal Torment and suffering. Eternal pain and crying. In Revelation, God does not say that some people go to Heaven, and some people got sentenced to five years in hell, or ten years in hell with time out for good behaviour, or anything like that. There are two groups: Heavenbound, and hellbound and Both places last forever. Final Destination. So i strongly urge everyone who has not made the decision to obey all God’s commandments to reconsider their position, and think very carefully about what they are doing. Because as we learned in the story about Lazarus, once you wake up in torment, in hell, you can’t go back and change anything. You can never go back. And you can’t even go back to tell your brethrens at the Lodge not to come to hell.  Once you find yourself in that position, it’s too late. It’s too late for you evil people. It’s over for you evil people. Because once you end up in hell, you will never get out. Then you’re going to wish that you’d never been born. You should have listened to what i said.

St. Luke Chapter 16

22 And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the
angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was
23 And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth
Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.
24 And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and
send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool
my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.
25 But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime
receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now
he is comforted, and thou art tormented.
26 And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed:
so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can
they pass to us, that would come from thence.
27 Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send
him to my father’s house:
28 For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they
also come into this place of torment.

It’s too late for the rich man burning in hell. There is nothing that can be done for him. It’s over for him. He is going to suffer for ever and ever and ever. He could have went to Heaven and lived happily ever after, but he reconsidered and chose hell instead.  What can be done for him? At this point, nothing. He had his chances, and he gave them all up. One day, he received his last chance, and he refused it, even though he didn’t know it was his last chance to save himself from hell. What about his brethren, back at the Lodge? The rich man is screaming and burning in hell, Please, tell my brethrens don’t come here! But God tells us in Scripture, if those brethrens back at the Lodge don’t hear Moses and the prophets, there is not  a single thing in the world that you can do for them. Nothing!

St. Luke Chapter 16

27 Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send
him to my father’s house:
28 For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they
also come into this place of torment.
29 Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let
them hear them.
30 And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them
from the dead, they will repent.
31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets,
neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

That’s bad news for those folks. If they don’t hear Moses words, teaching them not to eat flesh, then there ain’t nothing you can do for them. If they don’t hear Moses teaching the commandments, and they don’t hear the words of the prophets in the Scriptures, there is nothing anyone can do to help those people. They are going to end up, burning in torment, just like the rich man, who was begging to tell his brethrens not to end up there. And there is nothing anyone else can do for them, except to warn them, and tell them how to be saved. After that, they make their own decision. And they have to live with it, for ever and ever.  And ever. There are some people who are going to live forever. And there are many people who are going to die forever.

Now i’m afraid that one of my biggest fears is being realized. That is, it seems to be coming True. We know that most people are on the wide path that leads to destruction. We also know that few people will find the narrow way to Heaven. Why so few? Well it seems the number one reason that people are going to end up condemned to hell is for eating flesh. The number one reason. What is number two? After that, i don’t know,  because so many people have multiple offenses, eating meat, committing adultery, fornication, liars, murderers, etc. But it seems the greatest trick that Satan played on the people, God’s children, is Satan made everyone to eat meat, and then SAtan obscured God’s Laws about eating flesh, and made it seem to be OK to eat meat. But we know that a flesh eating lamb is an abomination to God, the same as a dog that gets a taste for human flesh, or a human that gets a taste for animal flesh. This cannot be understated. And so Satan has dealt a very lethal blow against God’s children, because by just one thing, getting them to eat meat, Satan can cause almost all God’s children to be destroyed. Most will be destroyed. Few will be saved.

Many people don’t believe God’s Word is True, and they choose what they want to obey from the Bible, and they choose what they want to disobey.  But there are only two groups: the obedient, and the disobedient. Partly obedient is disobedient. What will happen to those folks who choose to eat flesh, which God has commanded them not to? Jesus tells us in St. Matthew.

St. Matthew Chapter 26

51 And, behold, one of them which were with Jesus stretched out his
hand, and drew his sword, and struck a servant of the high priest’s,
and smote off his ear.
52 Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place:
for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.

Those folks who eat flesh by the sword shall perish. In fact, according to this Scripture, it tells us directly that if you take up the sword, it doesn’t matter what else you do. You shall perish with the sword.  Some people make excuses to ignore God’s Laws, such as meat tastes good, therefore, that means people are supposed to eat it. That’s very foolish logic, and quite fatal. Because people who think like that would also say that masturbating feels good, so that means that they should do it, as much as they want. Even though fornication is a sin, for which people receive a death sentence. Or that having sex with another man feels good, so therefore that means they should do it. These folks believe that if you enjoy doing something, then you should do it as much as you want. That’s their logic, and they disregard everyone else, and God’s Laws, too, if it makes themselves feel good, and they can tickle themselves.  These people were informed of God’s Laws, and they considered that they were not going to keep God’s Laws. But forlorned is forewarned. God is not mocked. People either keep God’s Law, or people will burn in hell forever. It’s not good, or bad, or evil, or indifferent. It’s just the way it is. It’s the Law.

How do we know it’s against God’s Law to eat flesh? Because God told us not to eat flesh. In the very first Book of the Bible, His Word. Moses wrote it down for us, among other things he wanted us to hear.

Genesis Chapter 1

29 ¶ And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing
seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the
which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and
to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I
have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.
31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was
very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

God gave all the animals food too, so that they could live and thrive, too. Now what would have happened in the Garden of Eden if God gave all those animals to Adam and Adam started slaying all God’s animals, and gutting them out, and eating them, and wearing their skins for hats and such? God would have been very displeased. Because That’s not what God created His animals for, to be tortured by humans, eaten, to suffer and die inhumanely. That is against God’s will.  God gave Adam very clear instructions on what his food was for him to eat. And to this day, of all God’s creatures, man is the only creature that does not eat what God commanded him to eat in Genesis. God repeated these directions to Noah, after the flood, and God also told Noah not to eat flesh.

Genesis Chapter 9

3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the
green herb have I given you all things.
4 But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye
not eat.

Now why did God tell Noah directly not to eat flesh, but God didn’t tell Adam that? He only told Adam to eat herbs. I think the reason is that something happened in between Adam and Noah that made people decide to eat meat. I believe the fallen angels who taught people all bad knowledge and evil also taught people to eat meat. That’s why God didn’t tell Adam, because the thought never crossed Adams mind.  And it wouldn’t have crossed Noahs mind either, unless the fallen angels taught this evil knowledge to people. But God said very clearly to Noah, not to eat flesh.

That’s very clear and direct. It should sound very familiar to us all.

Genesis Chapter 2

16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of
the garden thou mayest freely eat:
17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not
eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Disobedience is sin. The wages of sin is death. Therefore, the wages of disobedience is death.  Lo, i have told you beforehand. Now, we have read what Heavenly Father has told us about not eating flesh. And we read what Jesus told us about not living by the sword, else we will perish by the sword. What about Heavenly Mother? What does She have to say about this?

Proverbs Chapter 6

16 ¶ These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an
abomination unto him:
17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

A proud look? If God hates a proud look, how do you think God is going to feel about a person who slaughters Her innocent animals and eats them, an abomination like unto a flesh eating bunny? God tells us, it is an abomination to God. So all three agree. Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother and Jesus all agree, not to eat flesh, not to live by the sword, and not to shed innocent blood.  Jesus teaches us in Matthew if we live by the sword, we die by the sword. What does Jesus mean by that, exactly?

St. Matthew Chapter 26

51 And, behold, one of them which were with Jesus stretched out his
hand, and drew his sword, and struck a servant of the high priest’s,
and smote off his ear.
52 Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place:
for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.

Jesus is telling us this is what God told us. This is what Heavenly Father told us in Genesis 9.  If you kill, you will be killed. Live by the sword, die by the same.

Genesis Chapter 9

4 But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye
not eat.
5 And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of
every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of
every man’s brother will I require the life of man.

These are the Scriptures from God’s Word, the Holy Bible that teaches us not to eat flesh. Be not deceived. God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. These are not empty words. They are intended for you to hear them. Now along with Scripture from the Holy Bible, we also find supporting Scripture in other Holy writings, such as the Essene Gospels and other gospels found in the Dead Sea scrolls.  When we put all these together, we have quite a bit of evidence showing that God does not want us eating flesh. It is an abomination to God. Not just that we are eating something we were commanded NOT to eat, but also we have to kill to do it, and not only that, we have to kill innocent creatures to do it. So eating meat is not just one sin. It is quite a few sins, all rolled together in one nice package. A nice package of sin, so that if you live by the sword, it doesn’t really matter what else you do, you are going to die by the sword. That’s very clear. That’s a given. And you have been informed, beforehand.

And we also know, by our own scientific evidence of our DNA, our closest relation is fruit eating chimpanzees. Man was created a vegetarian, and it is an abomination for man to eat flesh and blood. This is the number one reason that people will find themselves in torment, in hell, and never be able to get out. Ever.

The Essene Humane Gospel Of Christ
The Salvation Of The World

Part I

The true food of man is from the Mother of the earth, for She brings forth perfect gifts unto the humble of the land. But ye seek what Satan giveth, the anguish, the death, and the blood of living souls taken by the sword. Know ye not, those who live by the sword, die by the same death? Go ye thine way, and plant the seeds of the good fruit of life, and leave ye off from hurting the innocent creatures of God. For I tell ye, man needeth male and female beasts for the food he so lusteth after, but every plant and tree, God so giveth, beareth its own free seed for food. Depend ye not on the things unnecessary to your soul. Plant ye the good seeds of the melon, wherein ye saveth from season to season and waiteth for the soil like sleeping man awaiteth the sunrise; for the seed was made for the morrow’s meal, but the animals for the joy and pleasure of God and man.

Gospel of the Holy Twelve Lection 46

7. AND Iesus said unto them, Behold a new law I give unto you, which is not new but old. Even as Moses gave the Ten Commandments to Israel after the flesh, so also I give unto you the Twelve for the Kingdom of Israel after the Spirit.
8. For who are the Israel of God ? Even they of every nation and tribe who work righteousness, love mercy and keep my commandments, these are the true Israel of God. And standing upon his feet, Jesus spake, saying:
9. Hear O Israel, JOVA, thy God is One; many are My seers, and My prophets. In Me all live and move, and have subsistence.
10. Ye shall not take away the life of any creature for your pleasure, nor for your profit. nor yet torment it.
11. Ye shall not steal the goods of any, nor gather lands and riches to yourselves, beyond your need or use.
12. Ye shall not eat the flesh, nor drink the blood of any slaughtered creature, nor yet any thing which bringeth disorder to your health or senses.

And so i am encouraging everyone to strongly reconsider God’s Word, and keeping God’s commandments. All of them. Be not deceived, because many are on the broadway to destruction, and few will find the narrow Way to Heaven. The number one reason that most people will be condemned to hell is because they ate flesh, even after they were told not to.  This is directly from Scripture. But if you don’t hear Moses and the prophets, there isn’t anything or anyone that can do anything to save you from Eternal Torment. When we see people refuse to obey God’s law and end up in Eternal Torment, suffering and screaming in agony, for ever and ever, then we begin to understand the full meaning of the saying that “people are their own worst enemies”.  We try to help them, but if they don’t listen to us, we cannot save people from themselves.

Total, Unadulterated BS

7 Feb

February 07, 2016

Indisputable Proof that moon landings were fake, and were faked by NASA and Masons. Space travel is impossible.
NASA Masons hoax.

Masons on the moon? Get real. Physics prove space travel impossible.

Apollo is Satan

Separating FAct From Fiction

7 Feb

February 06, 2016

REvelation Chapter 18

4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her,
my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive
not of her plagues.
5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered
her iniquities.

Now we are beginning to understand why God tells His people to “come out of her”. Come out of there, with your hands up, so to speak. Because we are warned, yea, we are told, that if we don’t come out of her we will receive of her plagues. So be it. When the evil has been exposed, God calls his people out of the evil. His people hear His voice and come out. The evil people are incinerated, just like people here on Earth are cremated. ONly the spirit never dies, so the evil people will die forever, but they will never be dead.  They will just be incinerated, for ever and ever and ever.  God doesn’t want that to happen to any of His people, so He calls them out of there, and directs them to safety.

One thing i have noticed for the past few years is that scientists and researchers are very curious about what pot does to people. I always hear about some new study they did about marijuana, and the latest one i saw the headline said “Smoking pot makes you forget a few things”.  Now i don’t know why scientists are so curious about pot, but they sure do a lot of studies on it, and put it in the news.  But i also noticed another thing too. And that is, the scientists never do studies about what alcohol does to people. Instead, the headline would read “Drinking alcohol makes me forget all my words”. Alcohol makes people forget how to talk, how to walk, how to stand up, and even how to breathe! But you never read about any studies about how stupid alcohol makes you. It’s because people are prejudiced against marijuana, for some reason. So i suggest that we can settle the debate by having one guy get real drunk and have a debate with another guy who smokes some pot. And then we’ll see what is more harmful to people.  Another example i read is a study about how being a vegetarian affects you, and i bet it was written by someone who never was a vegetarian. They can’t teach you anything about something they know nothing about.

And alcohol is a lethal poison. People overdose and die from alcohol poisoning. But marijuana is not toxic at all! You could not eat enough marijuana to kill yourself, because it is not poison. It’s about the same as eating a bunch of clover hay. No one has ever died from “marijauna poisoning”.  But for some reason, people are highly prejudiced against pot. I think this indicates a narrow and simplisitic mind, because marijauna is not harmful at all. So why do people hate it so much? I don’t know. It’s like they said, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. People hear something that  seems to agree with what they believe in, so they go around repeating it, even if it is not True! That’s like a person who repeats “news” stories that says that pot makes you forgetful, who never even smoked pot! They can’t tell you anything about smoking pot because they don’t know anything about pot. It’s fun though. I enjoy watching people in their “funny” ways.  You get these narrow minded folks who get it in their head that something is bad, and so they go around loudly proclaiming that it is bad, simply because they themselves don’t like it. And they completely dismiss any beneficial benefits of it, just out of sheer, complete, unabashed ignorance.  A closed mind is a terrible thing to waste. That’s why civilizations never evolve. That’s why people keep living in Bronze age times, even two thousand years later.

That’s like another article i read, and i learned that so-called “vitamin pills” are not vitamins, they are tar balls! They are made out of tar! Eating Tar balls isn’t going to make you “stronger” and “healthier”! No, it’s not. And you know, they didn’t have all these tar ball pills, one hundred years ago, and people lived just fine back then. In fact, the people probably lived  better and were healthier than they are nowadays, without eating all those chemical tar balls and having mercury injections, and injecting heavy metals, toxins, swine DNA, human embryo DNA, dog DNA,  ingesting artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, additives, toxic chemicals, glysophates, sodium fluoride, etc, etc, etc. That stuff is not food, and neither is it medicine. The real name for it is “poison”.
But that’s how we recognize the people who are in charge of society today. They are mongerers. They are war mongers, fear mongers and hate mongers. They go around spreading war and hate and fear and telling lies about everything.  You can’t believe a single word they say.

I also have my own ideas about how to solve the European immigrant crises. I suggest that the immigrants instead of going to Europe, i suggest that you all go to Israel and invade Israel.  Whatever they said you could do in Europe, do it in Israel.  If five or ten million immigrants take care of that little Israeli problem for us, we’ll rebuild your cities and hometowns and stop all the wars and give you food and clothes, instead.  Sound like a good deal? That will be our thanks, for helping us out. Go on over to Israel. Make yourself at home.

More marijuana disinfo. This is the modern day version of Reefer Madness propaganda, still carried on today, just like the KKK. Amazing to see this high level of ignorance publicly flaunted! People living like it’s 1899!

Weeding out words: Pot sends verbal memory ability up in smoke, new report shows

That isn’t good for you! That’s tar, and other worse chemicals!

How can he possibly say that he can prove this? Foot racing? Bicycle racing? Or just running off at the mouth and spouting more disinfo? Ignorance mongers and manure spreaders.

Vegetarians Are “Less Healthy’ and Have a Poorer Quality of Life than Meat-eaters

Dirty Secrets Exposed

6 Feb

February 06, 2016
Here are links to investigate and learn all about Freemasons and Jews. So that we can all investigate and expose the dirty secrets of the secret societies. Do you ever wonder why they will kill each other for telling the Truth? Well read the information below, and you will begin to understand why.  They don’t lie to cover up good works. They lie to cover up evil. It’s nothing more than a gang of crooks who will kill each other for squealing.

Where did the Freemasons come from? The Jews?  Here to tell us about it is Brother Nathanael.

July 28, 2008

July 28, 2008

Judeo Masonry

Official Website David Duke, former Representative LA 1989-1993

Jew Watch

Freemasonry Watch

Freemasonry watch

Dirty Free Mason Pedophiles

6 Feb

February 05, 2016

Well i discovered earlier that the Masons are secretly into Gay Sex and GAy orgies. That’s why they only allow men to attend their parties. Now i discovered that the Free Masons are also pedophiles. The BBC scandal with the pedophiles goes back for decades, and these are Masons in the pedophile  ring. Many witnesses and journalists have died from reporting on the pedophile Masons in the BBC. So if you thought the Free Masons were just a bunch of harmless pot-bellied, erectile dysfunctional bunch of old fools and their young gay lovers, you better read these articles and think again. Because they may be harmless to you and me and little old grannies, but they are child rapists among them. And that’s why they keep all their secrets, and swear to kill others who expose them.  So it is probably likely that the Penn STate pedophiles are also related to the Masons, as we remember that pedophile protector Joe Paterno received a huge award, for what he did to help his buddies, the Masons. So the more and more we investigate and examine these Free Masons, the more dirt we expose. In fact, we can now see that they are the scum of the Earth.
In fact, i discovered that the so-called Jews like to suck babies weenies. Now i discovered the Free Masons are founded by the Jews, so the Free Masons have the same beliefs and practices that the Jews have, from the Kabbalah. The Truth is being revealed.
Reporters dropping dead from reporting Free Mason Pedophiles

Penis suckers

Freemasonry is Kabbalah


Freemason paedophilia

About Those Dangerous, Baby Penis Blood Sucking Jews

Babies get herpes and die from so-called “Jews”




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